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Who we are ?

After careful survey and analysis, areas in Mysore with high prevalence of autistic childeren were found. It was thus resolved to provide the facilities necessary for parents to cope with such children. Hence, Aashianaa was formed


Autistic children are often denied admission in regular schools. When coupled with poor socio-economic conditions; families are often challenged with tasks of caring for them on a day to day basis.For such children, simple tasks such as eating, toilet training or even learning to walk are diffcult. At Aashianaa,we aim to provide a suitable environment for developing the children's educational as well as social skills. The children are given taska to enhance their mental growth, taught to become independent which gives them a sense of accomplishment and helps build a positive self esteem.

We work for..

Our Mission:

Our mission is to extend our services by supporting, coordinating and encouraging effective educational and personal deelopment to children and adolescents on the Autistic spectrum.

Our vision:

Aashianaa, which began with a small group of 5 to 8 children, is now home to 35 children.In future, we strive to establish a full fledged institution that provides care and services of unsurpassed excellence. Our children will grow up to be self sufficient individuals at par with any other

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